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Stem Cells Therapy India

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Clinical Cord Blood Bank and Repository
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Stem Cell Therapy in India

NovaCord is brought to you by Fortis Healthcare in collaboration with TotipotentRX, a U.S. based cellular therapy company. The combination of Fortis’ clinical expertise and TotipotentRX’s stem cell experience have been combined into the most advanced regenerative medicine clinical program in Asia. The NovaCord bank and Center for Cellular Medicine is placed within the newly constructed superspecialty and advanced care Fortis Gurgaon hospital, where expertise is available for both banking stem cells and treating patients using advanced cellular therapy procedures.


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Cord Blood Banking Experience

The NovaCord scientific and clinical teams seamlessly integrate their clinical expertise in oncology, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, and orthopedics with more than fifteen years of cord blood banking science.

Innovative Quality

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Private Cord Blood Bank India

NovaCord’s rigourous procedures and stringent quality control ensure your child’s stem cells are banked with the highest quality and care, understanding that one day these cells may be utilised to save the life of someone in the family. As a cautious and concerned parent we understand that you require more than a simple cryobank – you require a team which practices cellular medicine everyday.

Every Stem Cell Counts

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NovaCord cares for every step in your baby’s stem cells journey. Our hospital experts embedded in the local Fortis facilities are trained in proper collection and documentation as required for our Joint Commission International accreditation (U.S. hospital accreditation body). The scientists handling the cells all operate under the most rigid FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy) guidelines, and use the most advanced technology available for processing and storing stem cells. As a clinical center we follow the strict rule that every stem cell is important when treating a patient.
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24 Hours Toll Free Helpline
1800 103 7836
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