3 Basic Tips To Follow For Moms To Be

December 26, 2016

We live in times where health is the priority. Gone are the days when the doctors used to suggest complete rest for pregnant mothers; rather we have a diet, fitness and a stable structure for every would be mom!

“Exercise during pregnancy helps reduce stress, prevents prenatal depression, and alleviates anxiety,” Kristina Pinto, Ed.D., a fitness expert and author of Fit and Healthy Pregnancy: How to Stay Strong and in Shape for You and Your Baby. “It also allows you to improve your cardiovascular health and build strength for labor, delivery, and recovery from childbirth.”

But again, the ultimate solution is in doing the ‘right’ exercise and taking the ‘right’ diet at the ‘right’ time and stages of pregnancy. We did a survey and research for you to find the apt blend of happiness.

Go for the Green Monsters: Sneak in a Tsunami of vegetables and fruits. The more you take in these organic forms of salads, pureeing and adding to batter, omelettes, chopping up veggies in marinara, etc; the better you treat your body and baby with!

Yoga – the unbeatable trick: The benefits of yoga are exceptional because it relaxes your mind and stretches your body. It can be an excellent way for an expectant mom to clear her head and deal with any anxiety she might have about her pregnancy or getting ready for the new baby. (Of course the doctor has to be the referee.)

Water! Water! Water! – Stay Active and Refresh yourself with the natural source. Intake loads of water and make sure that it sets up your hydration source for the day. Once you develop a habit (after struggling a bit), this can be your go to guide for all problems, even after the birth.

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