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January 31, 2017

Mothers-to-be are giving pregnancy goals to the young females of the society these days. Gone are the times when motherhood was a period of lethargy and laziness. In today’s era, women are amazingly taking over the charge and breaking the stereotypes. There is a fast emerged concept of self-love, of extreme pampering and of independence. With each passing day, moms these days are turning beautiful. From staying fit during pregnancy to shedding post baby fat, they are doing whatever it takes to look great. And indeed they are. Here are a few tips for you to look best and shed the post baby fat.

  1. Drink a lot! Of course we mean water. This is a universal fact that this universal solvent helps to maintain and strong metabolism during pregnancy and ensure sufficient flow of nutrients within the body that help in shedding those extra kilos and staying in shape.
  2. Don’t diet: The best way to lose weight is by not trying to do that intentionally. The women should not diet or should not skip meals in order to lose weight. Eat a balanced diet and right amount of everything that help the body grow and remain healthy.
  3. Get some sleep: Adequate sleep is what a mother longs for post the baby birth. She not only needs but she desperat

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January 18, 2017

The arrival of a baby calls for a celebration. The parents to be eagerly wait for the day when the baby is born. And to celebrate this happiness, a baby shower is hosted. It is a gathering that is hosted either by the parents to be or the close friends of the mother to be. This is a trending concept these days where people are lavishly spending money and celebrating the arrival of a new life. Among the various tasks, below are some of the basics but the most important ones to keep in mind while planning a baby shower: A Perfect Theme Every party has a theme. This should have too. Of course baby themes like Disney characters farm animals, sea life etc. The theme should be quirky and fun to dress up according to. No mandate though. However if not the similar outfit, matching colours can be worn. Classy Decoration Certainly the decoration should match the theme. Pastel hues, smooth colours, balloons, candles are all very safe options for beautifully decorated indoors. This can be played with according to the theme of the baby shower. Excellent Food There are different types of food and drinks that can work well for a gathering like baby shower. Most people prefer casual and light snacks like sandwiches, meatballs, finger food, veggie trays with dip, chips and salsa etc. Since the hostess pays for the bills, it is important to take

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September 25, 2016

drRegenerative adjunctive treatment is the next logical step in the progression of surgical intervention. The new

paradigm shift in stem cell research has been reflected in the field of or thopaedic indications with limited therapeutic approach which could be benefited using cellular therapy. The relative lack of blood supply as compared with other tissues make these structures incapable of quick healing like other body organs. Consequently, chronicity tends to become a hallmark of musculoskeletal injuries. Clinical use of stem cells have been used in cases of non-unions, avas- cular necrosis (AVN), spinal fusions, bone defects, tendon healing and cartilage repair etc.

Bone is an excellent tissue and the natural tendency of bone when fractured is to unite by forming bone. Non-union results from a gap at the fracture site resulting from bone loss. Non/delayed unions occur in approximately 5-20% of fractures and despite their regular occurrence, management remains challenging. They are defined as non-bridged areas after 6 months of periosteal and endosteal healing and results in severe functional impairment. The most common

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September 25, 2016

A spinal cord injury (SCI) is any injury of the spinal cord caused due to trauma and mostly comprise of damage to the nerves associated with the spinal cord and they can be classified as being complete or incomplete. Spinal cord injuries account for a majority of lower body disabilities due to accidents and trauma. Cell transplantation, as a therapeutic intervention for spinal cord injury (SCI), has been extensively studied by scientists and researchers in recent years using stem cell that has shown considerable promise in treating patients with SCI and thus restores lost functions by replacing lost or damaged cell populations. Spinal cord injuries account for a majority of lower body disabilities due to accidents and trauma. SCI also paves way for a lot of other disabilities associated with blood vessels as well and bone deformities. The global burden of SCI, economically, runs into millions as complete cure is not possible. The number of clinical trials that have been conducted for phase 1 studies of spinal cord injury is a staggering number and currently 246 trials are being conducted in their initial phases. However, many questions remain unanswered and more continue to emerge. This review will comprehensively cover publications in the field from the last years and examine the biological effects of SCI.