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January 11, 2017

Pregnancy in today’s world is UNISEXUAL. The days when mothers bear a child are also the days when fathers bear a responsibility towards both the mother and the child. Biologically it’s the mother who’s pregnant but ideally fathers should be pregnant too. Our society is changing with an amazing speed and so are our thoughts. The Fathers these days are becoming the frontrunners and are willing taking charge to act as “THE” most responsible specie on the phase of Earth. From Paternity leaves to attending parenting sessions, fathers have never been more dotting. This spirit is to die for. Here is a list of 5 things you can do and you should do since YOU’RE THE MAN BEHIND THE BUMP… 

  1. DISCUSS – Like literally. Pregnancy can be a lot to digest in one go and especially for the first-timers it’s more of tremors and bummers. In the role as a right hand support to the pregnant better half, fathers can provide a relief and support by holding her back. Talk to her and assure her that she can count on you to discuss every petty change in her body and surroundings. Assure her that despite the bumpy ride, the journey can be made enjoyable if worked as a team.
  2. TAKE THE LEAD – Take charge of things around you. You’re task didn’t end at just making the baby. Start taking the responsibility a

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January 2, 2017

Pregnancy also called gestation is an extremely tender and fragile stage in a lady’s life. It is a time when a woman demands care and pampering. The happier the mother, the healthier is the baby. The generation today is really focused and advanced when it comes to healthcare although there is a time constraint. The gynaecologists describe gestation period as fragile since complications arise from a slightest of carelessness. Life is as we take it, so it is best advisable to the all the expecting mothers to let a life nurture inside of them with zeal and positivity since that has a direct impact on the health of the off spring. Among the many, below are a couple of things one must avoid during pregnancy to avoid complications.

  1. Stress: This term in itself is stressful. We live in a world that is all pervasive of stress. It has become omnipresent and is an indispensable part of our lives. During pregnancy the one thing that a mother should avoid is stress. This is not something she intentionally invites but the intent here is to convey a message that she must attempt to avoid it. Anything work related or otherwise, if brings her into a stressful state of mind should be put aside and discontinued.
  2. Alcohol: The most common advice given to expecting mothers is to avoid alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer have high quantity alcohol

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December 26, 2016

We live in times where health is the priority. Gone are the days when the doctors used to suggest complete rest for pregnant mothers; rather we have a diet, fitness and a stable structure for every would be mom!

“Exercise during pregnancy helps reduce stress, prevents prenatal depression, and alleviates anxiety,” Kristina Pinto, Ed.D., a fitness expert and author of Fit and Healthy Pregnancy: How to Stay Strong and in Shape for You and Your Baby. “It also allows you to improve your cardiovascular health and build strength for labor, delivery, and recovery from childbirth.”

But again, the ultimate solution is in doing the ‘right’ exercise and taking the ‘right’ diet at the ‘right’ time and stages of pregnancy. We did a survey and research for you to find the apt blend of happiness.

Go for the Green Monsters: Sneak in a Tsunami of vegetables and fruits. The more you take in these organic forms of salads, pureeing and adding to batter, omelettes, chopping up veggies in marinara, etc; the better you treat your body and baby with!

Yoga – the unbeatable trick: The benefits of yoga are exceptional because it relaxes your mind and s

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December 19, 2016


Becoming a mother and entering into a phase full of anxiety, apprehensions and a different feeling altogether is a roller coaster ride for every woman. From the first test to the day when you’re holding the little one practically – the journey is beautiful. Only a Mother can sense every movement – from the first heartbeat to the kicks and ultimately the unsaid signs of the newborn.

Stem Cell Banking is a relatable term when it comes to pregnancy. The entire process marks the future safety of not only the child but also the family.

WHY IS IT EVEN IMPORTANT? The blood located within your baby’s umbilical cord and placenta is called cord blood. It is considered one of the most important sources of stem cells, including young hematopoietic stem cells which can be used in medical treatments for a range of conditions, including blood disorders, immune diseases, and certain cancers, such as leukaemia.

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