Expectations from the Expecting Fathers
January 11, 2017

Pregnancy in today’s world is UNISEXUAL. The days when mothers bear a child are also the days when fathers bear a responsibility towards both the mother and the child.

Biologically it’s the mother who’s pregnant but ideally fathers should be pregnant too.

Our society is changing with an amazing speed and so are our thoughts. The Fathers these days are becoming the frontrunners and are willing taking charge to act as “THE” most responsible specie on the phase of Earth.

From Paternity leaves to attending parenting sessions, fathers have never been more dotting. This spirit is to die for.

Here is a list of 5 things you can do and you should do since YOU’RE THE MAN BEHIND THE BUMP… 

  1. DISCUSS – Like literally. Pregnancy can be a lot to digest in one go and especially for the first-timers it’s more of tremors and bummers. In the role as a right hand support to the pregnant better half, fathers can provide a relief and support by holding her back. Talk to her and assure her that she can count on you to discuss every petty change in her body and surroundings. Assure her that despite the bumpy ride, the journey can be made enjoyable if worked as a team.
  2. TAKE THE LEAD – Take charge of things around you. You’re task didn’t end at just making the baby. Start taking the responsibility and gather information, Google stuff, read and know as much as you can about pregnancy. This will be a gateway to your lady’s heart as a father. It’s not such a bad idea at the end of the day.
  3. INVOLVE YOURSELF – Take this condition as if it’s on you. Sit with your partner to discuss and choose the names of the baby, help her in making schedules for the doctor appointments, cooking for her during pregnancy, visiting the doctor with her, watching the ultrasound pictures. This sounds like a fairy tale. Doesn’t it? Well she deserves every bit of it.
  4. PUMP UP THE BALANCE IN YOU – The would be mother is a volcano of emotions that can burst out any minute. It is you as a partner who has to keep calm and maintain the balance of emotions. This will just not be a gift to her but also for the beautiful life she is going to bring to this world. As they say “The Greatest Gift a father can to give to his children is – loving their mother”.
  5. CHECK YOUR EMPLOYEE BENEFITS. As a father you’re entitled to paternity leaves, policies around Time Off for Prenatal visits and reimbursements among others. Know the details beforehand and make the best use of them.

Be a husband your child will be proud of and a father your wife be proud of .

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