Family cord blood and tissue banking
CORD BLOOD/TISSUE PRESERVATION: NovaCord is India’s only clinical cord blood bank that cryopreserves your baby’s cord blood and cord tissue stem cells along with the baby’s plasma.

NEW BORN GENETIC SCREENING (NBGS): Screens infants shortly after birth for a list of disorders that are treatable, but difficult or impossible to detect clinically. Whole blood samples are collected from the infant’s heel on specially designed filter paper, and then tested for a panel of disorders. The disorders tested can vary from region to region, based on funding and the prevalence of a condition in the population.

HLA TESTING: Testing done before stem cell transfusion to check match. Cord blood can be transfused upto 50% match. So it can be used by the first family as well.

CFU COUNT: At present Colony Forming Units or CFU are considered to be the best measure of whether stem cells are “viable”, or quite frankly alive. The TNC count includes both living and dead cells. In the CFU test a small portion is watched under controlled conditions to see if stem cells divide and form colonies. This used to be a subjective measure, but recently it has been standardized with technology to image the cells and count colonies in the image. The only remaining problem with the test is that it takes days for colonies to grow.
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