January 2, 2017

Pregnancy also called gestation is an extremely tender and fragile stage in a lady’s life. It is a time when a woman demands care and pampering. The happier the mother, the healthier is the baby. The generation today is really focused and advanced when it comes to healthcare although there is a time constraint.

The gynaecologists describe gestation period as fragile since complications arise from a slightest of carelessness. Life is as we take it, so it is best advisable to the all the expecting mothers to let a life nurture inside of them with zeal and positivity since that has a direct impact on the health of the off spring.

Among the many, below are a couple of things one must avoid during pregnancy to avoid complications.

  1. Stress: This term in itself is stressful. We live in a world that is all pervasive of stress. It has become omnipresent and is an indispensable part of our lives. During pregnancy the one thing that a mother should avoid is stress. This is not something she intentionally invites but the intent here is to convey a message that she must attempt to avoid it. Anything work related or otherwise, if brings her into a stressful state of mind should be put aside and discontinued.
  2. Alcohol: The most common advice given to expecting mothers is to avoid alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer have high quantity alcohol content that hamper the normal growth of the embryo inside the body.

It is just fascination towards the idea of drinking that drives us towards such a wasteful product.

  1. Excessive Exercise:Although exercising during pregnancy is considered beneficial for body and is recommended too, excessive exercise routine aggravates the complications. Prenatal Yoga can be super comforting both physically and mentally, however to avoid chances of miscarriage one should not get into get tough routine.
  1. Sun Exposure: Although there is no thumb rule to it, but avoiding direct exposure to the sun is advisable for the skin becomes highly sensitive. SPF can be used for protection however itsill-effects are complimentary. 
  1. Unbalanced Diet: Diet is such an important factor in determining the health of the mother and the baby. Hence the diet should be perfectly balanced and should include all the nutrient rich food that will support the development of the foetus.

The gestation is a tough yet blissful time for a lady hence there should be total attention given to the fact that the priority should be the mother and the baby. After all

“Prevention is better than cure.”

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