Pregnancy Tips- ‘Mommy Goals’
January 31, 2017

Mothers-to-be are giving pregnancy goals to the young females of the society these days. Gone are the times when motherhood was a period of lethargy and laziness. In today’s era, women are amazingly taking over the charge and breaking the stereotypes. There is a fast emerged concept of self-love, of extreme pampering and of independence.

With each passing day, moms these days are turning beautiful. From staying fit during pregnancy to shedding post baby fat, they are doing whatever it takes to look great. And indeed they are. Here are a few tips for you to look best and shed the post baby fat.

  1. Drink a lot! Of course we mean water. This is a universal fact that this universal solvent helps to maintain and strong metabolism during pregnancy and ensure sufficient flow of nutrients within the body that help in shedding those extra kilos and staying in shape.
  2. Don’t diet: The best way to lose weight is by not trying to do that intentionally. The women should not diet or should not skip meals in order to lose weight. Eat a balanced diet and right amount of everything that help the body grow and remain healthy.
  3. Get some sleep: Adequate sleep is what a mother longs for post the baby birth. She not only needs but she desperately wants it too. No matter how much she loves her kid, she hates it when her sleep is compromised because of the baby. A mother will be more focussed, mentally balanced and physically strong if she gets a sound sleep. Her metabolism would also remain intact and this would as a result help her in reducing weight.
  4. Exercise : Okay that might sound a bit crazy but light exercising would not tear you apart  In fact this will really help  in staying in shape and going back to the pre pregnancy  weight.
  5. Breastfeed : Contrary to the myths about gaining weight from breastfeeding your new born, women lose weight if they do. Yes! You read it right. A mother doesn’t put on weight if she breast feeds her baby.

So be a beautiful mother and feel beautiful in your skin, in your bodies and pamper yourself for the experience of MOTHERHOOD is and should be EXEMPLARY.

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Pregnancy Tips- ‘Mommy Goals’
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