"To begin with I have to say that the service and professionalism of the staff of Novacord is absolutely excellent. They are true professionals with just the right amount of personal touch. Kaif and I are very happy that we chose to go for the cord blood cells banking option, knowing that this is definitely the way of the future. Thank you for everything. We'll be contacting you whenever we plan our next lil bundle of joy: )) Keep up the great work. "

- Pooja Yadav & Mohammad Kaif
"We are very happy we chose Totipotent as our cord banking partner, your personalised service and compassion made us feel comfortable and your team has explained things to us in a clear and concise manner. We look forward to interacting with Totipotent and yourself in the future, and know that our cord blood is in safe hands at your labs."

- Roshni & Siddharth
"Novacord has been really good at rendering it service. As we had very limited information on stem cells, the Novacord team was very helpful in providing the appropriate information as and when required by us. The team was present right before the delivery to collect fresh stem cells. I would like to thank Fortis la femme and the Novacord team for spreading awareness about such a crucial thing which could be very beneficial for our little one in the future. "

- Gurinder Kapoor & Surbir Kapoor
"Devika and and I were more than satisfied with your services. Staff especially Mr. Sagar was were helpful and cooperative. We will be more than happy to recommend Novacord services to anyone who requires them.

Thank you once again. We have a beautiful girl with us now and we are satisfied that her future is secured at Novacord. "

- Devika Chadha & Vipul Chadha
"A very prompt and satisfying service with a great promise. Regular updates and awareness about the future prospects and developments in the field to the clients would ensure great success for this enterprise."

- Komal Kapoor & Sumit Kapoor
"Novacord in the literal sense has been the Cord between our daughter Pehel and our first step towards parenthood. It is the right blend of technology and indian emotions.

With the preservation of our daughter's regeneration capabilities, we are at mental rest and also emotionally connected forever. "

- Parul and Nitin Uppal
"My association with Novacord has been a memorable experience. They are professional, efficient and friendly. "

- Nitu and Ashish Agarwal
"Keep it up !! I m impressed and will definitely recommend NOVACORD !! Helping in securing lived !! You guys ROCK !!

Experience with novacord association was definitely good !! Helpful and friendlystaff, fabulous understanding..on time always !! Gr8 journey with them !! Doing n amazing job to secure lifes !! "

- Ankita and Uday Khanna
"Nova Cord Blood Banking offers a very good service! Is like purchasing a life insurance for your little one. You can save his/her life in future!"

- Cesar Pinto, Gurgaon
"It was a tough decision for us to make when there are several competitive companies offering umbilical cord storage services. I started with zero knowledge and learnt about it during this entire process of communicating with Novacord executives. Novacord exactly know what they are offering and have very exhaustive knowledge of the services.

Their precise knowledge helped me to understand the difference between what others are offering in comparison to Novacord. Although Fortis(Tie up with Novacord) is a brand, but I did not just want to go with the brand name, but wanted to understand their offering. With the same premium service cost, I got umbilical cord and cord blood storage services. Initially I was skeptical to go with cord blood storage because I was not sure of its value, but reading about it helped me decide on that."

- Ranjita and Arnab Karmakar
"God gives life, we nurture it! But between us and god there are people who show us the path to take care of his creation. Novacord team is doing this good deed by bringing awareness about stem cell banking and letting us know more ways of securing our babies future. Of course, one can’t change the destiny but we can always try to do our maximum best to fight back in hard times of life.

The day I came to know that I was pregnant; I knew that I would be going for stem cell banking.

I asked at the Fortis La Femme reception for the contact details of people from Novacord and in no time they approached me with a presentation on what stem cells are, why should we go for it, etc etc. However, I already had it in my mind that I have to get it done. Something new that I came to know was that compared to other service providers in the same field Novacord has a tie up for therapies too unlike all others. So, I decided to go for it. I was carrying twins and since I was told that stem cells of siblings can be used for each other, I decided to go for only one baby’s stem cell preservation.

Due to some complications in my pregnancy I was admitted to the hospital in my 28th week. In haste of going to the hospital, I forgot to take the kit with me. When I discussed the same with Novacord officials, they arranged for a new kit and delivered it to my room at the hospital. It was very thoughtful of them to do that. However, my doctor told us that I will not be allowed to go home now since there was a major chance of having a pre-mature delivery. One fine evening I got a call from a Novacord official saying that I will get one baby’s stem cell preservation complimentary! I was happy and they completed all the formalities with me.

As my doctor had predicted, I had to go in for an emergency C section due to some complications in my 30th week. We were blessed with a lovely daughter “Namisha” & a cute son “Naman”, what more could I have asked for! Due to some complexities enough sample could not be collected for my 1st baby. Thanks to the Novacord team for the complimentary kit for my second baby, else no stem cell preservation could have been possible!

My second baby’s sample was collected and is now safely preserved with them. I hope and pray that never a situation arises that I have to use the stem cells but at the same time I also know that if god forbid any medical problem crops up in the later years of life that can be treated with the help of stem cells, I will never have to repent the mistake of not getting it done!

I and my husband have been through a very tough emotional roller coaster while our babies were in NICU for 44 days, but I must mention that all the staff of Novacord present at Fortis La Femme always greeted us with smile, supported us morally, discussed about our babies health and never pressurized us for the pending payment since they could realize that I was not in a mental state to discuss such issues!

I really appreciate their warmth and understanding towards us and wish them luck to keep up the good work! "

- Dr. Shilpa Madan Ph.D.
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