The Must Haves Of A Perfect Baby Shower
January 18, 2017

The arrival of a baby calls for a celebration. The parents to be eagerly wait for the day when the baby is born. And to celebrate this happiness, a baby shower is hosted. It is a gathering that is hosted either by the parents to be or the close friends of the mother to be. This is a trending concept these days where people are lavishly spending money and celebrating the arrival of a new life. Among the various tasks, below are some of the basics but the most important ones to keep in mind while planning a baby shower:

A Perfect Theme

Every party has a theme. This should have too. Of course baby themes like Disney characters farm animals, sea life etc. The theme should be quirky and fun to dress up according to. No mandate though. However if not the similar outfit, matching colours can be worn.

Classy Decoration

Certainly the decoration should match the theme. Pastel hues, smooth colours, balloons, candles are all very safe options for beautifully decorated indoors. This can be played with according to the theme of the baby shower.

Excellent Food

There are different types of food and drinks that can work well for a gathering like baby shower. Most people prefer casual and light snacks like sandwiches, meatballs, finger food, veggie trays with dip, chips and salsa etc. Since the hostess pays for the bills, it is important to take into consideration the guest list prior to the party.

Fun Games

Engagement factor plays a crucial role in deciding whether the shower was a hit or a miss. The more the people are interactive during the shower, the better it is. The best possible method for this is games. There are numerous indoor games that can be conducted and parents can participate and have fun.

Helpful Gifts

For both the hosts and the guests, gifts and presents are always a great way to exchange love and share happiness. The underlying idea here for guests is to give helpful gifts to the mother that could be useful to her during her final trimester. Baby Nail kits, blankets, washcloths are the best choices.

So go ahead and plan a beautiful baby shower and welcome the newest member of family with excitement and joy.

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