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Cesca therapeutics history
in the cord blood space...

Why Choose Novacord
Cesca therapeutics history in the cord blood space goes all the way back to the mid 1990's, when ThermoGenesis (A Cesca Therapeutics Company) Founder Philip Coelho and New York Blood Center's Dr. Pablo Rubenstein (pioneer-cord blood stem cells) invented and patented the method for concentrating and isolating nucleated cells away from red blood cells and plasma in a fresh cord blood unit.

AutoXpress (AXP)

AXP is a proprietary, automated system for the isolation, collection and storage of
hematopoietic stem cell concentrates from cord blood.

The device:

  1. Automates the volume reduction process
  2. Provides consistent buffy coat concentration volumes
  3. Ensures high recoveries of mononuclear cells (MNCs) in a
    targeted volume
  4. Allows for simultaneously processing of multiple cord blood units
    in one centrifuge.

Team and Expertise

  1. Multi-disciplinary approach to patients undergoing stem cell transplant.
  2. Team of reputed doctors, super sub-specialists and specialty nurses with exceptional medical expertise, technology and innovation .
  3. Highly experienced and specialized nurses and practitioners to provide comprehensive care for all of our patients.
  4. Free of cost world wide shipment of stem cells to the transplant centre at any destination worldwide, when required.
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